Custom Use Pedestals for those Unusual Situations

We will be the first to admit that we don’t know it all when it comes to pedestals. We know a whole lot about making custom pedestals, but sometimes we find ourselves downright surprised by what our customers do with the pedestals we send out to them. Here are some of the more unusual uses that people have dreamed up for our pedestals.

  • Bases for elegant home theater illumination. If you look on our Reviews page, you will see that we sold some fairly standard pedestals to a client who proceeded to use them as bases for tall, Asian floor lamps, at a considerable cost savings.
  • Stands for groups of candles at religious celebrations.
  • Amazing stage props, for everything from bars to bedside tables.
  • Photography studio settings for perfect portraits, such as one of a graduate leaning on a fluted pedestal.
  • Pedestals create amazing ambience at luxury spas, where they display everything from flowing ferns to bowls of fruit or incense.

So what unusual situations are you facing, where a pedestal could be useful? At home, you might think of using a pedestal in the living room, to display a new piece of sculpture, or in the study, to hold an elegant globe or large dictionary. But what about the other rooms in your house? Could a pedestal in your dining room hold your grandfather’s antique clock, or a beautiful soup toureen from your grandmother’s china set? Would a pedestal in the master bedroom make a good place to display that lovely gift your spouse gave you half a dozen years ago, that deserves a special place in your home, and your heart?

Or what about at the office? Pedestals in the reception area, holding potted plants or piles of magazines, are not unusual. But pedestals in a conference room can inspire both employees and customers when they hold displays of valuable memorabilia relating to your company’s history, or samples of the greatest products that your business has produced over the course of its long history.

So think outside the standard uses for custom pedestals, and contact us today to make your creative idea a reality.