Effective Visual Merchandising Using Pedestal Stands

You’ve just started collecting art, but now you’re at a crossroads. How are you going to display your sculptures? Whether you’re just starting or you want to upgrade your current pedestals, Xylem Design’s handcrafted displays are perfect for any sculpture or collection. It’s always good to keep in mind just how your pedestals synergize with both your art and your home’s decor – after all, they’re very important supporting roles for your centerpieces.

There are numerous reasons why businesses set up product displays. Effective visual merchandising, using pedestal stands, draws customers in, promotes slow-moving items, and more. Utilizing store-front windows to display items is one of the least expensive forms of advertising; furthermore it’s also proven to be very persuasive. There are a few key elements in perfectly designing product displays.
Outline what the displays are going to look like. Some things to consider are budget and theme. Choose an appropriate time to assemble the product displays, for instance when the store is slow or closed.:

Balance: Asymmetrical, or tiered, displays add visual interest. The difference in heights allows the eyes to easily wonder over items. Cube tables are a great option for setting up small displays featuring a variety of items, for example jeans, shirts, and sweaters.

Size of Objects: Setting up product displays is similar to the art of flower arranging. Place the largest objects into the displays first. Next, arrange other items by color, size, price, or however you see fit. Of course, we offer pedestals in an array of sizes to enhance any project.

Color: Color is an important feature in visual merchandising as it stirs up feelings in customers; additionally it must brandish your products. Our colored pedestal stands add interest without distracting attention away from the featured items. Besides the color, consider the material of the pedestal stands, for instance wood, acrylic, and such.

Focal Point:The focal point is whatever you are selling, equally important everyone needs to know who! It’s where product and props/signage and background come together. Design engineers create custom pedestals, store fixtures, kiosks, point of sale counters and other retail display fixtures. We are also able to work within a deadline. No job is too big, or too fast, for us!

Lighting:Lighting is a special component that adds a bit of class to product displays. Lighted pedestal stands are used for product launches, prized items, and anything that requires extra attention. Choose between down light, colored light, and other lighting options for one-of-a-kind displays.

Once the product displays are up, keep tabs on them to see what is working and if a change is needed. Feel free to change colors, pedestal sizes, locations, etc. If the product displays are seasonal, take pictures to easily recreate them later. Like any other aspect of retailing, creating attractive displays takes a little skill and lots of trial and error.

Xylem Design’s custom-made, handcrafted pedestals are perfect for any home or collection. Visit our website today, or call us at 1-800-333-9953.