Tips for Decorating a Room with Mirrored Pedestals

Mirrored pedestals remain one of the best decorating items of all time. When used correctly, they attract the eye, brighten up the place and make most vignettes look positively fabulous. What follows is a bright and shiny peek at how to utilize and care for them the best way possible:
When choosing a location for your mirrored pedestals, take a quick survey of the other reflective surfaces and elements present in the room. Ideally, the mirrored pedestals should be positioned in a way that doesn’t create an unfavorable reflection or glare. For example, you wouldn’t want to put a mirrored pedestal in front of a beat up old chair or an architectural flaw that you’re hoping to hide from view.

Mirrored pedestal with rotating turntable top

It’s also a great practice to place mirrored pedestals in a way that helps to make them the focal point of a room. To figure out where that spot is, go out of the room. Then walk back in and make a note of what you saw upon entering. In most instances, that area will be one of the best places to decorate with a mirrored pedestal.

If that original focal area happens to be a particularly ugly one, don’t worry. Consider fooling the viewers’ eyes into thinking that another spot in the room is the main focal point. Often times, such trickery may be completed with a fresh coat of paint, adjustable lighting, a bit of furniture rearranging and the addition of a large wall display.

Unexpected movement can also draw the eye, so settling on mirrored pedestals that feature lighted, rotating tops may solve focal point dilemmas too. At Pedestal Source, we have several mirrored pedestals that have those design elements. They range in size from 36-inches tall to 44-inches tall, which is perfect for adding depth to vignettes.

Once you have your mirrored pedestals set-up in the perfect spot, be sure to keep their surfaces streak free. Frequently, the best way to accomplish that is by spritzing the mirror with a 50/50 blend of distilled water and white vinegar. Then wiping the surface down and buffing it with a chamois or other lint-free, ultra soft cloth.

To learn more about selecting, positioning and cleaning mirrored pedestals, please contact us today. Our mirrored pedestal pros may be reached via our live online chat or by dialing (800) 333-9953.