Saddle Tables Make Perfect Sculpture Display Stands for Small Homes

Are you looking to join the Small House Movement in the weeks ahead? If so, you are clearly not alone. According to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors’ research, it’s a trend that is increasing becoming more popular among Americans of all ages. Of course with that march toward minimalist living there will come a need for small sculpture display stands like saddle tables.

Saddle tables, also known as nesting tables, are a perfect fit for small space living. That’s because when not in use, the small tables may be stored underneath of their larger counterparts, so very little permanent floor space is needed to accommodate them. In addition, saddle tables can also hold objects of various sizes and weights.

Black laminate U table

Take the collection of saddle tables and sculpture display stands that we have on offer as an example. It includes laminate saddle tables that range in footprint size from 47.5” x 17.5” to 71.5” x 35.5”. Custom sizes and add-ons are also available upon request. For instance, the tables may be outfitted with ambient tops

Regardless of the saddle table’s size, they are all designed for indoor use and come with an array of finish options. Examples include black laminate, zebra wood veneer, antique topaz laminate, natural wood veneer and Atlantis blue laminate. Each table can also hold up to 200 pounds. So homeowners and apartment dwellers alike may use them to display art sculptures, lamps, framed photos, knick knacks, and a myriad of other home accessories with ease. The tables and display stands may also be used to hold food and beverages during a party too.

To learn more about saddle tables and other compact, sculpture display stands that are ideal for small spaces, please contact us at (800) 333-9953. We’d love to discuss the various, custom and standard options available with you in more vivid detail.

Saving Space and Creating Attractive Displays with Wall Cubes and Wall Shelves

What do you do when you want to emphasize the importance of a certain piece in your home, museum or art gallery but you just don’t have the floor space to put it on a pedestal? You don’t want to deemphasize that piece by putting it on a table or in a showcase with other pieces. You want to give it its own space, but you’d prefer it if that space was on the wall rather than on the floor. We have the perfect solution for you in the form of our wall cubes, available in black as well as white. And if you don’t have enough space for these either, you could try our floating shelves, also available in black and white.

Examples of wall cube pedestals being used in a halway with different pieces being displayed

Wall Cubes: The wall cubes as well as the floating shelves are available in a number of sizes. If you have a really small piece that you truly want to emphasize, you could go with a display cube which is only 6” x 6.25”. This is a great size for a family photo frame or a delicate piece of Dresden china. If you have a bigger piece, our wall cubes run as big as 18” x 18.25”. That’s about one and a half foot in length and breadth. So it’s a great size for something much larger, like a life size sculpture or a large flower arrangement.

Wall Shelves: Sometimes, you don’t even have enough space to fit wall cubes, in which case you could go with something even slimmer like a floating shelf. Unlike regular shelves, our floating shelf has a certain amount of heft. So if you use this to display something, you are drawing attention to it and making sure that people see it when they walk into your home or gallery. Still, these shelves are slim enough that if you have a number of different pieces to display, you could put a few shelves on a wall and come up with an interesting arrangement of sculptures or other showpieces.

Black Laminate Floating Shelves

Using Asymmetry in Your Display: A great way of creating an attractive display is by combining pieces that are quite different in terms of height and width. Having a few different shelves at different heights, in different sizes will make your display more eye-catching than using the same size shelf and putting everything at the same height. Contact us for more information to create displays that are elegant and eye-catching at the same time.

Our custom-made affordable trade show displays make your vision come to life…within your budget

Although the cold weather is brutally attacking most of the country, it won’t be long, and spring will be here. That means it will soon be time to start thinking about your company’s trade show displays.

Whether you’ve done a hundred trade shows in the past, or this is your first one, the most important factor going into a trade show is making sure that your company stands out from among the others who will be there. Trade shows offer you the perfect opportunity to get your company before the eyes of some new potential customers. The trick is in putting together a display that will be eye-catching as well as affordable.

Affordable Portable Pro Pedestal

The good news is that creating a display that gets you awesome results isn’t really all that hard at all. Here at Xylem Design, we specialize in taking your ideas and your vision for your trade show display, and making them come to life. When you work with us, you’ll be amazed at the results, and you come away with an affordable trade show display that will have everyone talking about it long after the show is over.
Quite often, you’ll find that your presence at a trade show is what gives people their first impression of your company. Many potential customers form opinions about companies based on what they experienced at a trade show. You’ll want to be sure your display is easy to read, and simple to understand. You’ll also want to ensure that it’s inviting and that it makes people want to learn more about how you can help them find the products or services they are looking for.

Of course, one of the most important aspects of a good display is being able to take it down easily and move it from place to place. If your company is like many businesses, you’re probably planning on attending many trade shows this year. Our easy to assemble and disassemble design will ensure that you won’t have any problems with the set up or tear down of your display.

Here at Xylem Design, it’s our goal to customize your display according to your specifications. We also have some great ideas that our creative team can put together to make sure your display is the best one, no matter which show you’re attending. .

Quick Set Folding Pedestal

Illuminated Displays Can Bring Out the Best in Homemade Jewelry

When it comes time to transform your jewelry making hobby into something more, you are going to need a few extra supplies. On that supply list, don’t forget to add a a variety of jewelry presentation materials. Here’s a look at several illuminated displays to get you started:

Black Laminate Cylinder with Glass Wave Sculpture

Down Light Illuminated Displays: If you are looking to highlight a gemstone’s luster, Down Light Traditional Showcase Pedestals would be perfect. They are designed to light up jewelry and other objects from above. In addition, they feature hidden door locks and unassuming wiring. So you could pair them with double-easel necklace bust displays covered in natural linen or stretch velvet.

Lighted Laminate Pedestals: For moonstone, feldspar, pearl and spectrolite pieces, consider lighting the jewelry from below. There are various illuminated displays that are capable of highlighting such pieces. Among them are the Lighted Black Star Granite Laminate Pedestals. They feature glossy black sides and a lighted footprint. The footprints range in size from 9 inches to 23 inches. Therefore, you could top them with 5-finger or tiered, see-thru displays.

Modern Octagonal Pedestals: Clear, Modern Octagonal Pedestals with rotating tops are another form of illuminated displays to consider. Their bases are clear and gemlike. In addition, the center of the unit features a built-in light, which would emphasis the jewelry’s sheen. Because of those features, the illuminated displays would be perfect for spotlighting moonstone or multi-gemstone bracelets.

Overhead Halogen & Pedestal Combo: As you know, overhead halogen lights can also bring out a diamond or colored gemstone’s beauty. So you may want to invest in an overhead halogen light system and pedestal combination. At Pedestal Source, we have an Overhead Halogen Light that may be attached to a variety of different pedestals. Furthermore, the light also features a pivoting head and telescopic, stainless steel rods. Therefore, you can adjust it to achieve the most flattering look for your jewelry pieces.

Prism Laminate Pedestal in Granite

To learn more about these illuminated displays and others, please contact us at (800) 333-9953. We can help make your homemade jewelry sparkle just like the pros.

Recreate the Three Orders of Ancient Greece by Getting a Fluted Pedestal

If you’re thinking about getting a fluted pedestal, you have many choices. You can go with our simple but classic Burlington round fluted wood pedestal or our clear acrylic column pedestal which gives you the same simple look in clear acrylic. If you’re looking for something which is a little more innovative, you could try our illuminating frosted column pedestal which is a work of art in itself with its inner lighting. Or you could go with a sleeker version of the regular fluted pedestal, i.e. our fluted column pedestal. Whether you’re going with something simple or something sleeker and more detailed, you’ll still get that classical look with a fluted pedestal.

Burlington Wood Engraved Pedestal

Greek Architecture: The Doric Order: The design of the fluted pedestal comes from the columns of Ancient Greece. If you study Ancient Greek architecture, you’ll find that there were three orders, the Doric, the Ionic and the Corinthian. The Doric order came earliest, and the columns used in Ancient Greek architecture during this time were wide and fluted with very little decoration at the top or the bottom. Doric columns can be found on the Parthenon in Greece even today. Our simpler fluted pedestals are a little like these Doric columns because they rely on the fluting for their elegance and don’t have any ornamentation at the top or bottom.

Greek Architecture: The Ionic and Corinthian Orders: As Ancient Greek architecture progressed, the columns became thinner and longer and they also started to have more decoration at the top and bottom. You see this in the Ionic order as well as the Corinthian order. The columns become more ornate as they go along, but they still retain the original fluting which gives them their classic elegance. If you’re looking for something like the columns of the Ionic order, you can take a look at our fluted column pedestal which is slimmer than our other fluted pedestals with a wider base and top.
No matter what fluted pedestal you choose, you’re going to end up with something classic-looking. So these pedestals are great for simple but expressive sculptures such as the kind found in Ancient Greece. But they can also be used for simple flower arrangements because they’re very versatile.

Burlington Wood Engraved Pedestal with Eagle Bronze statue

To learn more about these types of art pedestals and how they may be customized in time for the public art show season kickoff, please contact us at (800) 333-9953.

Glass Table Top with Wood Engraved Pedestal Legs

Tips for Choosing Art Pedestals for Traveling, Public Art Shows

With warm weather just a few months away, it won’t be long before the public art show circuit starts to fire up. So now is an excellent time to think about what type of art pedestals you’ll need for your traveling displays. After all, it’s not merely enough to have wonderful art. It has to be presented in a manner that’s likely to capture show participants’ attention. With that said, here are a few tips for choosing the perfect art pedestals for traveling exhibits:

White Laminate Gallery Pedestal with Decorative Vase

Go Neutral: When looking through the various art pedestal options, take a moment to think about color finishes. They can really impact a traveling exhibition’s aesthetics. In general, the art pedestals’ color finishes should complement the exhibition space as well as the artwork that will be featured during the show. Thus, selecting a freestanding, solid black, white, frosted or clear acrylic art pedestal may prove to be the wisest choice. They tend to fit in well with a wide variety of indoor/outdoor art exhibition venues’ decor.

Be Innovative: If you plan on bringing a display wall to the traveling art exhibits, consider being innovative in your booth’s layout. For example, you could attach wedge pedestals to the booth’s walls. They would help add depth and visual interest to the exhibit as well as extra floor space. Our wedge pedestals are ideal for such applications because they attach quickly and can safely hold artwork that weighs up to 100 pounds.

Clear Acrylic Art Pedestal with Scuplture

Maximize Square Footage: Lastly, consider selecting a combination of art pedestals that allow you to fully maximize the booth space given at each traveling exhibition stop. For instance, in addition to the wedges that we mentioned earlier, you may want to invest in cube tables, columns and art pedestals that feature built-in turntables or lighting.

To learn more about these types of art pedestals and how they may be customized in time for the public art show season kickoff, please contact us at (800) 333-9953.

Clear Acrylic Scupture Pedestal with Human Statue

Pedestals for Feng Shui, Arts and Crafts and Travel Souvenirs

Generally, when people put something on a pedestal, they want to elevate its status. For example, if you have an expensive sculpture or vase, you probably wouldn’t think twice before putting it on a pedestal. However, a pedestal doesn’t necessarily need to be used only for serious artwork. It can also function as the base for something fun that adds a dash of color or brightness to a room.

Black Laminate Pedestals with glass bowls

Feng Shui Your Home with Pedestals: Multi-colored candles can make a great pedestal display. If you believe in Feng Shui, you might want to put candles of different colors in different parts of the room. Or just put up a cluster of candles in one part of the room to enhance one particular part of your life.

On the other hand, little fountains can also make a great pedestal display. According to Feng Shui, you should have running water on the southern side of a room if you want to attract money into your life. Even if you don’t believe in Feng Shui, a small fountain can look very pretty if placed atop a pedestal at the entrance to your home.

Pedestals for Arts and Crafts: If you’re into arts and crafts, you can also use pedestals to display the things you’ve made that you’re particularly proud of. Why put away that lovely pot you made in ceramics class where no one can see it? Instead, give your talent the recognition it deserves by placing it on top of a pedestal. If you took glass-blowing instead, pick out one of your best efforts and put it on a pedestal.

Black Laminate art pedestal with bunny sculpture on top

Pedestals for Travel Souvenirs: Souvenirs from different countries can also make great pedestal arrangements. That little Eiffel tower or Big Ben replica will let your friends and relatives know that you are well-traveled. Plus, you’ll also have a reminder of those great times in a prominent place in your home.

So if you thought that pedestals were only for extremely special things, think again. It’s enough if the thing is special to you; it doesn’t have to be extremely expensive or valuable. Contact us to find the perfect pedestal for the things which hold sentimental value.

Black Laminate Art Pedestal with Bronze Scuplture

Xylem Design’s custom-made, handcrafted pedestals are perfect for any home or collection. Visit our website today, or call us at 1-800-333-9953.

Encourage Creativity: Use a Display Pedestal for Flower Arrangements and Plants

A display pedestal is a versatile thing which can be used for several purposes. In museums and art galleries, a pedestal can be used to display sculptures or vases. At home, you can use a pedestal to display anything of value to you, from family heirlooms to rare butterfly specimens. Businesses also use pedestals to display their wares, such as jewelry, antiques etc.

Humble vs. Valuable: A pedestal may seem like a humble piece of furniture, but the things it is used to display are anything but humble. Putting something on a pedestal implies that it is of value, not just because it’s lifted off the ground but also because it’s separated from the things around it. If you have something of value, then you probably want to make sure that it has the right base as well.:

Pedestals for Flower Arrangements: One use of the pedestal that hasn’t been explored much is to display flower arrangements. You may use a pedestal to display an expensive vase, but you probably don’t think that a flower arrangement deserves so much attention. You’d rather just put it on your dining table or your coffee table. However, putting it on the dining table generally obscures your view of the person sitting across from you, and if you’re watching TV, you might want to put your feet up on your coffee table.

Encouraging Your Creativity: So consider the use of a pedestal to display your flower arrangements. You could possibly use our black wedge pedestal, anchor it to a wall and put a flower arrangement on top of it. The advantage of this kind of arrangement is that it will encourage you to keep bringing fresh flowers into your home and use your creative skills to create new arrangements every day. Even if you don’t think of yourself as terribly creative, just having a bunch of daffodils or daisies in your living room brightens up the space and keeps you from feeling down.

Pedestals for Plants: Create a Feeling of Calm: If you’re still not convinced, consider another possibility. You could use the pedestal to display a plant. Sometimes, plants which are on the floor aren’t always visible while those hanging at your window are a bit too high to water easily. A plant on a pedestal, however, is at just the right height to be seen and to create that feeling of calm and tranquility that we all need so badly in our homes. If the idea appeals to you, you could even create a display of two or three plants or flower arrangements in each room. .

Contact us to find the perfect pedestal for any object of value that you’d like to highlight in your home.

Trade Show Pedestals: The Perfect Cure for 2014 Budget Woes

The new fiscal year is here. Have you finished calculating your trade show budget yet? If not, you might want to factor in the purchase of new trade show pedestals.

Today’s trade show pedestals come in a range of styles, many of which can help you avoid high shipping and drayage costs in the New Year. Take our Affordable Portable Pro Pedestals as an example. Made from 1/8-inch, vinyl coated MDF, they weigh anywhere from 14 to 52 pounds each and fold flat. Thus, they could easily be shipped to the exhibition site by Priority Mail. Just make sure that the package weight remains under 70 pounds.
Upon arrival, you’ll be able to transport the lightweight pedestals onto the trade show floor by hand or with the aid of a small hand truck or dolly. Once inside of the exhibition space, each trade show pedestal can be assembled, cleaned, moved and broken down quickly. So you’ll save on set-up and cleaning service fees too.

It should also be mentioned that the trade show pedestals come in a variety of heights and table sizes. The heights range from 30 inches to 42 inches. The table sizes tend to hover in the 11.25 to 15.25 inch range. Therefore, you should have no difficulty whatsoever putting the trade show pedestals to good use.

In addition, the Affordable Portable Pro Pedestals come with a heavy-duty ballast bag and can support display materials that weigh up to 70 pounds. Together, they make the pedestals suitable for both indoor and outdoor, tented trade show events.

Last but not least, the price per trade show pedestal starts at less than $100. Most rental companies that service trade show venues tend to charge $500 or more for each of their pedestals. So just imagine how much you can shave off of your annual trade show budget if you buy one or more of our Affordable Portable Pro Pedestals!

To learn more about these trade show pedestals and the other reasonably priced displays that we have in stock, please contact us at (800) 333-9953.

Creating an Eye-Catching Display of Women’s Accessories with Pedestals of Different Shapes and Sizes

Nowadays, given that many accessories that go with women’s clothing are considered works of art in themselves, it’s not surprising that they should be displayed on pedestals. A pair of Christian Louboutin heels with their trademark red soles look amazing when displayed on matching pedestals. A pretty gold clutch to go with that evening gown would also look beautiful when displayed on a stark black pedestal. Jewelry, of course, deserves a pedestal; imagine how lovely those diamonds would look when displayed on a black bust atop a black pedestal.

Making an Accessory the Standout Piece: Rather than displaying accessories as part of an entire outfit, it makes more sense to display them by themselves. This encourages consumers to start viewing the accessory itself as the standout piece and not the clothing. In general, people get accessories to match with their outfits, but give them a good display, and they will start buying outfits to match with the accessories!

Mixing It Up: Another great idea when it comes to displaying accessories on pedestals is to use pedestals of different heights and shapes. If your display consists of five accessories i.e., two pairs of shoes, two handbags and a brooch, you could use a couple of display cubes to display items on a lower level, two taller wooden pedestals for two items on a higher level and a glass or acrylic pedestal for contrast. This kind of varied display invites the eye to look around and take everything in.

Making It Informal: One great idea is to make the display look casual, not formal. One shoe could slouch next to the other while one handbag remains open with a scarf coming out from it. You could also experiment with the distances at which you keep the pedestals next to each other. Rather than having them at a uniform distance, some could be closer and some further apart. Framed paintings or other types of artwork could also be made a part of the display. The whole idea is to help the viewer to imagine these items in their home and this is best done by keeping the display informal.
Contact us for more ideas on displaying women’s accessories on pedestals.

Xylem Design’s custom-made, handcrafted pedestals are perfect for any home or collection. Visit our website today, or call us at 1-800-333-9953.