Simple and Elaborate Pedestals Displays to Set off Unique Pieces of Jewelry

To put someone up on a pedestal is to idolize them. This may not generally work with people because, after all, we’re only human, but when it comes to works of art, artifacts, jewelry etc., there is no better way of indicating how precious that thing is. To have a pedestal completely devoted to displaying one thing puts the spotlight on that thing (especially if you’re using a pedestal with a spotlight). So it’s a way of indicating that the object that is being presented is extremely valuable..

Jewelry as the Focal Point: We’ve all seen a version of that cat burglar movie where the burglar, dressed in black, enters through a vent in the ceiling and, suspending himself with the use of a rope attached to his waist, steals a diamond from a pedestal! If that diamond had been displayed along with many others in a display case, how would we have known that there was something different or special about it? Through its segregation from the rest of the jewelry in the store or the museum, it became the cynosure of all eyes.

Simple and Elegant Pedestal Displays: If you look at window displays recently, you’ll find the same sparseness of objects which brings the eye to the few pieces that are displayed on their own pedestals. There’s something clean and elegant about displaying just one diamond brooch on the dark velvet background of a bust placed on a pedestal.

Intricate vs. Solid Pedestals: When displaying delicate jewelry, you can match the style of the pedestal to the jewelry. By picking something delicate-looking like our fluted column pedestal, you can create a display which has an intricate, posh look. On the other hand, you can go with something that contrasts with the delicate jewelry, such as our black satin laminate cylinder pedestal which will merely provide a dark, satiny backdrop for your pieces.
Whichever look you decide to go with, you will create a display that shows how priceless those pieces are, not just because of their high monetary value but also because they’re works of art in and of themselves. And what woman could resist the lure of buying something distinctive to set off her own unique charms? Contact us for a pedestals display that will bring out the individuality of each piece of your jewelry.

Xylem Design’s custom-made, handcrafted pedestals are perfect for any home or collection. Visit our website today, or call us at 1-800-333-9953.

Create an Integrated Experience in Art Appreciation Through the Use of Gallery Pedestals

In an art gallery, displaying sculpture or important artifacts on a pedestal not only saves space but also creates an interesting visual counterpoint to paintings that may be hanging on the wall. When customers enter an art gallery, their first impulse is to stick closely to the walls and go through the paintings one by one. This enables them to take in as much information as possible about each painting.

An Integrated Experience in Art Appreciation: Viewing art in a linear way won’t give the customer the entire experience of the room or the gallery. When you take the focus away from the walls and bring it to the floor space through the use of gallery pedestals, customers can get a more integrated experience. They will start to notice the floors, the ceilings, the lighting fixtures etc.

The Importance of Perspective: In order to draw attention away from just the walls, you can use pedestals to display sculpture, vases or anything that would benefit from being viewed from all angles. Whereas paintings are two-dimensional, there are other objects that are three-dimensional. Human figures carved out of wood, marble or metal are three-dimensional objects that will benefit from different points of view. Ancient artifacts and furniture are also better appreciated when they are viewed from various perspectives.

So the use of pedestals in galleries and museums has a twofold benefit. It allows the object itself to be viewed in different ways and breaks up the gallery space as well, bringing attention to how objects have been displayed.

Creating Contrast: If you want to create a contrast between paintings and sculpture, pedestals can help to do this as well. Paintings that have a modern feel, like the geometrical shapes of Wassily Kandinsky, can be contrasted with classical, realistic sculpture based on a Greek theme. Or you can go with a light/dark contrast as well, with paintings that contain lighter colors and sculpture made of dark metal.

Either way, the use of pedestals in art galleries and museums can help in the appreciation of art but also bring about an appreciation of the aesthetics of art arrangement. Contact us for pedestals to display your art and artifacts.

Xylem Design’s custom-made, handcrafted pedestals are perfect for any home or collection. Visit our website today, or call us at 1-800-333-9953.

Effective Visual Merchandising Using Pedestal Stands

You’ve just started collecting art, but now you’re at a crossroads. How are you going to display your sculptures? Whether you’re just starting or you want to upgrade your current pedestals, Xylem Design’s handcrafted displays are perfect for any sculpture or collection. It’s always good to keep in mind just how your pedestals synergize with both your art and your home’s decor – after all, they’re very important supporting roles for your centerpieces.

There are numerous reasons why businesses set up product displays. Effective visual merchandising, using pedestal stands, draws customers in, promotes slow-moving items, and more. Utilizing store-front windows to display items is one of the least expensive forms of advertising; furthermore it’s also proven to be very persuasive. There are a few key elements in perfectly designing product displays.
Outline what the displays are going to look like. Some things to consider are budget and theme. Choose an appropriate time to assemble the product displays, for instance when the store is slow or closed.:

Balance: Asymmetrical, or tiered, displays add visual interest. The difference in heights allows the eyes to easily wonder over items. Cube tables are a great option for setting up small displays featuring a variety of items, for example jeans, shirts, and sweaters.

Size of Objects: Setting up product displays is similar to the art of flower arranging. Place the largest objects into the displays first. Next, arrange other items by color, size, price, or however you see fit. Of course, we offer pedestals in an array of sizes to enhance any project.

Color: Color is an important feature in visual merchandising as it stirs up feelings in customers; additionally it must brandish your products. Our colored pedestal stands add interest without distracting attention away from the featured items. Besides the color, consider the material of the pedestal stands, for instance wood, acrylic, and such.

Focal Point:The focal point is whatever you are selling, equally important everyone needs to know who! It’s where product and props/signage and background come together. Design engineers create custom pedestals, store fixtures, kiosks, point of sale counters and other retail display fixtures. We are also able to work within a deadline. No job is too big, or too fast, for us!

Lighting:Lighting is a special component that adds a bit of class to product displays. Lighted pedestal stands are used for product launches, prized items, and anything that requires extra attention. Choose between down light, colored light, and other lighting options for one-of-a-kind displays.

Once the product displays are up, keep tabs on them to see what is working and if a change is needed. Feel free to change colors, pedestal sizes, locations, etc. If the product displays are seasonal, take pictures to easily recreate them later. Like any other aspect of retailing, creating attractive displays takes a little skill and lots of trial and error.

Xylem Design’s custom-made, handcrafted pedestals are perfect for any home or collection. Visit our website today, or call us at 1-800-333-9953.

The Secret to Great Pedestals for Sculptures: Complementing your Art and Decor

You’ve just started collecting art, but now you’re at a crossroads. How are you going to display your sculptures? Whether you’re just starting or you want to upgrade your current pedestals, Xylem Design’s handcrafted displays are perfect for any sculpture or collection. It’s always good to keep in mind just how your pedestals synergize with both your art and your home’s decor – after all, they’re very important supporting roles for your centerpieces.

That’s a lot to keep in mind when looking for pedestals for your sculptures, but here are some quick tips for choosing the right pedestals for you, your home, and your collection:

Traditional: For a more traditional look, our Bradford line makes for a great choice – the tapered design and flourishes makes for a great accent to older pieces, and its wooden construction lends a very warm atmosphere to the room. If you’re prefer a more modern, though still very dignified display, our granite laminate pedestals might be just the thing. For your most special pieces, one of our lighted display cases might do the trick – the hidden door locks and wiring make for a seamless combination of modern technology and classic design.

Modern: For the modern high-rise condo, there’s nothing to better complement your decor than our laminate or acrylic pedestals. For smaller pieces, our sleek wedge design makes for a great accent, while more prominent pieces can be complemented well with one of our many lighted displays. For the best in modern chic, though, a strong statement piece like our Image High Gloss Pedestals combines a bold design with sleek, clean edges to bring out the best in your sculptures.

Contemporary: For a more relaxed modern look, the tried and true polished concrete design makes for a great choice. Often found in contemporary art museums, these utilitarian, though decidedly warm, displays can lend the same look to your home. For more exotic pieces, a simple bamboo pedestal can be all the accent you might need. Not only does it bring out the natural beauty of your home, the contrast with your sculpture makes it stand out all the more.

Xylem Design’s custom-made, handcrafted pedestals are perfect for any home or collection. Visit our website today, or call us at 1-800-333-9953.

What to get the Couple that has Everything? A Fluted Pedestal!

So you’ve been invited to a wedding. You know the couple, and you know that they’re pretty darn difficult to shop for. You see, they’re not the typical young newlyweds trying to furnish their first apartment with their wedding gifts. Perhaps this couple has been together for a long time, and their home is already filled with everything they need. Or even worse, they’re trying to combine two households worth of possessions into one—which means that the last thing they need is a third set of wine glasses, or another stylish vase to go with their dozen other stylish vases. You’ve also decided that giving them cash is just not personal enough.

Which leaves you in a quandary. What do you get the couple that has everything? We think you should get them a fluted pedestal. Here’s why:

  • There’s always something around the house that needs to take “pride of place” for a while, and a fluted pedestal provides that perfect showcasing space. At first it might be the bride and groom statuettes from their wedding cake—or a stylish vase(!) that they picked up in Morocco on their honeymoon. Later on it might be the equestrian statue that he created in his first post-retirement art class, or a bowl of brightly colored flowers from her cutting garden.
  • Our stately columnar pedestal is available in either solid wood, with an elegant cherry finish, or a clear crystal column that will match the color scheme in any room. Since you know the couple well, you can determine which material will best match their décor.
  • No one else would ever think of buying a fluted pedestal for a wedding present. This means that the gift will be both memorable and an excellent topic of conversation for your next dinner party—whether it’s at their house or yours.

So think beyond the standard wedding gifts and get them something they will use for years to come—and remember you for every time they place something new on top of it.

Create a Sculpture Display that Reflects Your Personality

You may think that pedestals ought to be limited to museums or art galleries. Why should a person have a pedestal at home? After all, there are many other places to display your artwork. There are bookshelves where you can make space for a sculpture. Vases can go in the middle of your dining table. However, if you really want to bring attention to a certain piece, a pedestal is the way to go.


Highlight Pieces Important to You

If you put your sculpture on a shelf, it’s going to be overwhelmed by the books and other showpieces around it. If you put a vase in the middle of a dining table, it may look good most of the time, but when you’re actually eating, you’ll find your attention divided between the vase and your food. On the other hand, if you create a vase or a sculpture display on a pedestal, that’s the only use of the pedestal, so it draws attention to your artwork, separating it from the rest of the things in your home. It shows that that piece is important to you. Whether the piece that you want to display is a sculpture by Rodin or a papier-mâché box that your kid made for your birthday, putting it on a pedestal is like telling the world, “Look at this. It’s important.”


Pick the Right Size

One things you should keep in mind while picking a pedestal is, of course, size. The height of the pedestal is important because you want your sculpture or vase to be at the right height to be appreciated. Bringing a piece as close to eye level as possible is a good idea if it’s a figure or a vase. On the other hand, if you’re placing the pedestal near some seating, it’s likely that people will be seated while viewing it. So you’ll need a pedestal that isn’t quite as high.


Contrast Colors

It’s also a good idea to try to contrast the color of the pedestal with the sculpture or the vase. If you have a multicolored piece you’re trying to display, a neutral-colored pedestal will probably be best. If you’re trying to display something that is metallic, say bronze or copper, black forms a great contrast, but wood finish won’t be such a good idea because the two brownish tones will cancel each other out. The best thing to do is to actually try to place the piece on the pedestal you’ve chosen and see how it looks. If it doesn’t look right, try a few more. Sometimes, you might find that something you’d never considered before might turn out to be right for the piece. Contact us for more information on pedestals for the home, art galleries and museums.

Using Natural Elements to Decorate for Fall

Decorating with natural elements offers a relaxing ambience. Using natural elements, such as a custom wood display, in interior design allows for versatility as the seasons change. Today we will discuss using natural elements to decorate for fall.


A wood display pedestal or case is a great way to feature organic material or crafts made with natural elements. Wood is a nice hardy material that comes in an array of shades. Walnut is a darker wood; while, oak is an option if a lighter look is desired. Of course, there are many other woods to choose from like bamboo, maple, mahogany, etc.

Choosing a style is important too. Our custom wood displays come in different shapes and designs to suit your personal style. If you want to modify a display you see, add your personal touch by designing your own custom wood display. Also, consider a lighted pedestal to add warmth and extra light during the cooler months.

Items that can be displayed on a wood display pedestal or in a case are things like acorns, pine cones, branches, leaves, gourds, and other organic materials. An earthy wooden plaque is easily made with a slice of wood and some acorns arranged in a flower pattern. Mix silver glitter with silver paint and coat acorn caps or the acorn body for a sophisticated natural display. Pressed leaves in branch frames are a quick, artful craft. Hang pine cones from twigs clipped from the yard for a bare winter look. Nature display jars are fun. Just fill a decorative jar with your favorite fall items. Faux nests filled with painted acorns and mini pine cones are a lovely accent as well.

Those are just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Wood is a great material to use for all of the seasons. We also offer acrylic pedestals that would accentuate spring and summer elements such as shells, sand, water, rocks etc.


Illuminated Displays make your Art Pop


No matter if you’re an art enthusiast or a casual collector, you know that good presentation can be the difference between mediocre and stunning. Being able to bring out the best in your best pieces can make your collection into something spectacular. Especially when it comes to small sculptures – a good pedestal is a work of art in and of itself, and can complement your collection in completely new and novel ways.

Nothing draws attention to your pieces better than a well-crafted illuminated display, and Xylem Design’s new downlight display cases are the perfect solution for any collector or collection. Handcrafted in Fort Collins, Colorado, these beautiful cases are fully customizable and come with your choice of overhead or ambient underlighting.

These pedestals give you a full 360 degree view of your sculpture in a stylish glass enclosure – no visible hinges, hidden lock, and nearly invisible wiring, so all you see is a work of art in a beautiful display case. To accent your art further, the overhead lights clearly illuminate the piece, while ambient LED underlighting can provide slight colored accents, or white light to prevent shadowing. This LED underlight can be set to cycle colors, or replaced or layered over by colored or uncolored panels or mirrors to further complement your art in the best possible way. When it’s time for a new look, you can easily change up the display itself, or switch out the sculpture and retool the pedestal to complement the new piece.


Even better, Xylem Desgin downlight display cases come in either traditional or contemporary designs, so you can pick whichever best fits your home and collection, whether it’s a sleek black laminate or a flourished mahogany veneer.

Xylem Design has been helping art collectors, interior designers, and trade show organizers make sure their displays stand out for over 25 years. Our custom crafted pedestals, display cases, and cube tables are the perfect fit for whatever your display needs may be. Visit our website today, or call us toll free at 1-800-333-9953 to order your illuminated display case.

Display Summer’s Bounty on a Wood Pedestal


The fruits and flowers of summer are at their peak these days, and just begging to take center stage in your home or office. We suggest that, with a stylish wood pedestal or two, you can bring earth’s abundance indoors to enjoy.

Whether you have a cutting garden in your back yard or purchase a stunning vase of flowers at your local florist shop or grower’s market, displaying those flowers at your home or office is easy with the assistance of one of our wood veneer pedestals. Available in a variety of wood grains and colors, these pedestals will provide just the right height needed to make those flowers visible. Place a pedestal in your entry foyer for a welcoming touch, or set up a pair of pedestals, flanking your picture window, to help blur “indoors” and “outdoors” with the flowers’ bright colors and pleasing scents.


In your dining room, create a small still life on one of our lighted pedestals. With a slim vase of flowers and some perfectly ripe summer fruits in an heirloom glass bowl, your room will take on the ambience of a French chateau or Tuscan summer retreat. Just beware that you might have to replenish those summer fruits after your children have breezed through the dining room after school!

To bring summer’s bounty into the office, consider placing one of our pedestals in your reception area. If you have avid gardeners in your office, invite each one to bring in a bouquet of flowers on a different week. Or you could drag your trade show pedestals out of storage and set up a series of staff-made bouquets on them, and let colleagues and visitors vote for their favorite arrangements.

Summer’s bounty is worth sharing, so order the perfect pedestals to showcase the abundance!

3 Reasons To Use A Lighted Display For Your Next Trade Show


If you’re no stranger to trade shows, you know how important it is to make sure that your booth stands out from all of the other ones. Without some features that distinguish you from your competitors, how will you ever encourage people to visit your booth? It’s not enough to just give out some freebies, or have your best products on display. Even if you do these things, without an attractive display, your trade show booth won’t bring you the results you want. Using a lighted display is a great way to draw attention to your booth, and here are three reasons we recommend them.

Reason #1: Put your business in the spotlight

Light calls attention to your booth, and that’s exactly what you want. Your trade show booth is a form of marketing, and marketing is all about drawing in customers. When you use a lighted display, you’re actually placing your business in the spotlight. If the booths next to you don’t have lighted displays, people are going to be automatically drawn to your booth because you’ll appear to be a “featured” display.

Reason #2: Highlight your products

Lighted displays give you an opportunity to showcase your best products. You might even consider having some displays that aren’t lighted just to create a bit of contrast and some added visual interest for those who stop by. By doing that, you can really highlight some of the products you want to promote more, which is an excellent strategy for any trade show.

Reason #3: Demonstrate your clean design

The great thing about light is that it brings attention to the cleanliness of your booth design. People have more respect for a company that presents a clean design at a trade show, and you’ll find that people are eager to flock to your booth because your lighted display demonstrates your professionalism.

At Xylem Design, we have all kinds of lighted display pedestals that are sure to suit your needs. Whether you’re interested in something like our Black Laminate Spot Lighted Pedestal, or you love the beautiful colors in our Sign White Lighted Pedestal, we’re confident that we can help you find a solution that will help your business stand out at your next trade show.