Step 3: Choosing the Right Size Display Pedestal

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Choose the perfect height for you pedestal with this size chart

Choosing Height

 When considering height, first consider the elevation at which you'd like the artwork to be and measure down from there. You can play with different measurements in the room by placing masking tape on the wall where your sculpture would hit based on different display heights. This can help you visualize how it will look in relation to other objects in the room and to the ceiling. Try varying heights in a room to add interest and depth; making sure your sculpture isn’t at the same elevation as a couch or table will help it stand out. As a reference point, keep in mind that the standard kitchen or bathroom countertop is at 36" height.


Black Ambient Pedestals for North Face

(Image: Black Laminate Pedestals with Ambient Light for North Face trade show exhibit at Outdoor Retailer)

Choosing Footprint

There are two aspects of display size to consider: the footprint (width x depth) and the height. For the footprint, a rule-of-thumb is taking the base of the artwork and adding 2-4" to the depth and the width. The next size up will be your winner. If you have a custom size, give us a call. Note: this method works for artwork over 7" x 7"... we recommend your pedestal be no smaller than our 11.5" x 11.5" to ensure stability.


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