How to Choose the Right Shape for an Art Pedestal

Step 1: How to Choose the Right Shape for an Art Pedestal

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White cylinder pedestal in living room

Most pedestals come in three basic shapes: square, circular, or rectangular.

Which is right for your piece?

The first thing to do is consider the shape of the artwork (especially its base), and also the part of the room where the art will be displayed. As a general rule, square bases often look best on square pedestals, and circular on circular. But there's always room for improvisation. Try cutting out the different shapes from newspaper or cardboard and setting them under your artwork to help you visualize how each might look under your piece.

If you’re still not sure, browse through our photo gallery to see how others have done it.


Peacock on white rectangular pedestal


Square Pedestals

Square pedestals, or cube pedestals, are incredibly versatile and work well in a variety of settings. Their even proportions make them ideal for displaying symmetrical pieces or art with a square base. You can use square pedestals for art displays in galleries, museums, and home settings where you want to create a balanced, stable appearance. They are also perfect cube tables! They work wonderfully in waiting rooms, offices, and galleries. You can also use a cube for retail displays to showcase multiple items with a clean, organized look.

Perks of Square Pedestals:

  • Provides a balanced and stable display.
  • Ideal for symmetrical art and sculptures.
  • Versatile for different display environments.


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Round Pedestals

Round pedestals offer a unique and elegant way to display art. They are perfect for pieces with a circular base or for creating a softer, more organic display. Round pedestals (or cylinders) are especially effective in retail environments, where they can draw attention to a featured item and allow for a 360-degree view.

Perks of Round Pedestals:

  • Creates a soft, elegant display.
  • Allows for a 360-degree view of the artwork.
  • Ideal for retail displays and dynamic art pieces.
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    Rectangle Pedestals

    Rectangle pedestals provide a longer surface area, making them perfect for displaying elongated sculptures or multiple items in a row. They work well in both gallery settings and retail environments, where they can showcase a series of related items or create a focal point for larger pieces.

    Perks of Rectangle Pedestals:

    • Ideal for elongated sculptures and multiple items.
    • Offers a generous display surface.
    • Perfect for creating a focal point in various settings.


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    Pedestal Shape Matters

    Choosing the right pedestal shape is crucial for enhancing the presentation of your artwork or display items. Whether you opt for square, round, or rectangular pedestals, each shape offers unique advantages and can be tailored to suit your specific needs. By considering the base shape of your artwork and the display environment, you can select the perfect pedestal to highlight your piece beautifully!

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