How to Maximize Your Space with Floating Shelves and Wall Pedestals

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How to Maximize Your Space with Floating Shelves and Wall Pedestals

For the millions of people living in a small house or apartment, you understand the challenge of making the most of limited space. Sacrificing square footage for a great location in your city is often worth it, if you can find creative ways to store and display. Creative application of floating shelves and wall pedestals can help turn any vertical surface into an art display.

Fortunately, there are many small-space solutions that don’t involve tearing out walls or digging into debt. Our floating shelves are perfectly suited for retail and residential spaces of any size, and help you maximize floor space without compromising when it comes to design.

Floating shelves turn any wall into art displays.

Installing Floating Shelves

A floating shelf is a versatile shelving unit that is perfect for a space-restricted house or apartment. Floating shelves derive their name from a simple installation process that does not require the use of visible supporting brackets, making them appear to “float” along the wall.

Floating shelves work well for storing towels and toiletries in a bathroom, displaying knick-knacks and other decorative items in a living room or dining room, or holding spice containers and other cooking products in a kitchen.

Installing Wall Pedestals

A wall pedestal is a version of a floating shelf that provides a decorative solution for displaying small works of art, collectibles or photographs. You can install them on just about any wall in your home, enabling you to save precious floor space.

Wall pedestals typically rest closer to ground level than shelves and have less surface area, which makes them better-suited for displaying rather than storage purposes.

Contact Pedestal Source to Learn More About How to Maximize Space in a Small Home

Pedestal Source is your complete headquarters for attractive, versatile laminate floating shelves and wall pedestals that can help you take advantage of the limited space in your home. We can also provide creative wall pedestal and floating shelf ideas that you can incorporate into your home’s decor. Contact us to learn more today.

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