Laminate Displays

Laminate Displays

Laminate Display Pedestals

Step into any gallery or museum, and you'll see classic black laminate display pedestals and elegant white laminate display pedestals. These are the bedrock standards for art displays and exhibits worldwide. Our laminate pedestals are handcrafted at our facility in Fort Collins, Colorado, built and shipped in two weeks. 



Why Choose Laminate?

Our premium laminate pedestals are durable, lightweight, and easy to maintain. They are ideal for high-traffic areas, making them a perfect choice for retail displays where cleanliness and a professional appearance are crucial. In trade shows, their lightweight nature ensures easy transport and setup, and their variety of finishes can be tailored to match your brand’s aesthetic.


Laminate pedestals also work well in office environments, providing an excellent solution for displaying awards, promotional materials, or products. Whether in retail stores showcasing electronics and jewelry, trade show booths needing attractive yet practical displays, or office lobbies exhibiting company achievements, our laminate pedestals offer a versatile and stylish option.


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Customization Options

Our laminate display pedestals are available in various sizes and colors, including white laminate pedestal, black laminate pedestal, and white satin laminate pedestal. Each pedestal can be customized to meet specific weight requirements, ensuring they support your valuable displays securely. We also offer options like the laminate cylinder pedestal for a unique look.


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Versatile and Stylish

From art galleries and museums to trade shows and retail environments, our laminate pedestals are designed to meet diverse display needs. Their sleek, professional appearance enhances any setting, making them the go-to choice for art collectors, museum curators, trade show specialists, and retail stores.


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Are You Looking for Something Else?

We can customize any display for you. We can adjust the dimensions, add lighting, or even graphics.