Selecting Your Perfect Pedestal

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A Pedestal Source Guide to Selecting Your Pedestal

Design a display with features and functions ideally suited for your art

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Choose Your Display Environment

White satin laminate cylinder pedestals as bedside tables

Residential collectors should consider existing interior design choices and home decor. Also important at this stage is assessing available lighting.


Retail displays provide a critical link between your product and your customer. Make sure your display choices most effectively tell the story of your product and your brand.

Gallery or Museum

Professional installations may require unique display solutions. Larger exhibits or heavier sculptures may require something more custom.

Do You Need Lighting?

Make sure your display stands out with a proper lighting solution

Lighting options are diverse. Take into account the effect you most want to create with your display. For a more detailed discussion, visit our Lighting Blog.

Height and footprint are both important factors in your decision. Consider your own eye-line when selecting the height of your pedestal. Also make sure to select a pedestal that allows ample surface area to safely support your artwork. This blog offers further advice on displaying art like the professionals.

Absolutely! If your display requires unique sizes or specific modifications don't hesitate to call us. This blog post will give you a bit more information on prices and process.