Announcing the Overkill Battle Station: Custom Desk PC 


Overkill PC Desk Custom with Person sitting at desk

The Overkill Battle Station is a desk PC chassis with the ultimate features. You can order this desk directly from Xylem design and build it yourself! If you want a complete build with a custom Gaming PC in the desk you can opt to have the desk shipped directly from Xylem design to Overkill Gaming. Check out both Overkill Gaming and Singularity to learn more! 

Overkill Battle Station Features:

  • Large Customizable “Tub” for Gaming PC Build Area WITH clear glass top panel
  • Support for multiple components, including EATX board, 3-slot GPU, and more
  • Hot swappable Hard Drive in front of desk
  • Easy access to front IO in front of desk
  • Remote-controlled Diffused RGB lighting with Wi-Fi integration
  • Customizable desk surface finish and removable magnetic IO panels
  • Electric Standing desk with Front Controls 
  • Quiet and smooth operation
  • Accessible back motherboard IO and GPU ports
  • Easy maintenance and access to internal components
  • Channels for cable routing
  • Solid construction to support heavy monitor arms and mounts
  • Custom Distro Options from Singularity Computers