Black Laminate Cylinder Pedestal with Turntable

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Cylinder Pedestal with Manual Turntable

A manual turntable provides a simple and elegant means of rotating your glass, sculpture, statue, or collectible to display it from every angle. The weight capacity for our turntables is 100 lbs and the turntable surface is approximately 2" smaller than the pedestal footprint. For other turntable options or further customization, such as a motorized turntable, contact our design team.

Laminate cylinders have a small vertical seam on one side.

Our 30" diameter cylinders are available in heights up to 42", but require special shipping accommodations. Call for specific details and shipping costs if you require one of these larger pedestals.

Available in black laminate and all other materials.

What if the piece I'm displaying is really heavy? Not a problem! We can engineer your display to safely hold any weight. Contact us now with your details.

Can I get sample finishes?  Definitely. Click here to browse our materials library and find the "order here" link.

What about large orders? Call for orders over 6 units. 800-333-9953

Are these pedestals for outdoor use? These are for indoor use. We do make an outdoor pedestal that works great outside, come rain or shine. Take a look here. 

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Two white laminate pedestals with ambient lighting. There are abstract sculptures on them.

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