How to turn window displays into marketing tools

How to turn window displays into marketing tools

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Colorful pedestals in Ugg Toronto window display. Window displays do more than just showcase your products. They engage your customer and convert sales.

Window displays are one of the most powerful marketing tools brick and mortar retailers have—more effective than any digital campaign, print advertisement or sign spinner. According to NPD Group research, window displays influence purchases an average of 24 percent of the time. 

That’s a huge resource and major missed opportunity if you’re not utilizing it to its fullest potential. As with any marketing efforts, make sure the time, money, and effort you spend on your window displays offer a reasonable return on investment. The right display will engage your customers and help convert window shoppers into actual sales.

If you’re considering upping your window display game or just need a creative reset, check out these best practices for creating displays that turn heads and drive foot traffic.

Narrow your focus

Your window display shouldn’t be a mini version of your store—instead of trying to pack in as many products as possible, focus on one or two seasonal or new items you’d like to draw people in. 

Window display with internally lighted pedestals creates a visually stunning showcase to engage shoppers.
Keep your window displays focused on selective products or themes.

Make it an experience

Encourage passersby to interact with your display in some way. Maybe it poses a question, includes a digital element to view or draws people in with a story. 

This clear acrylic display calls maximum attention to specifically selected merchandise.
Attract shoppers with a display that engages their imaginations.

Stay true to your brand

Your brand has its own unique voice, personality and vibe. Don’t alienate your fanbase with a display that ignores your core brand identity. Instead, use it as an opportunity to play with your brand persona and showcase it in new environments, seasons, etc. 


It’s not other storefronts you have to worry about so much as phones that are stealing people’s attention from your shop. Find a way to draw people’s eyes up with color, shape or unique elements that capture attention. 

Ugg boots spring lineup in colorful window display.
Use color to attract and engage your potential customers.

Phone a friend

We’ve designed a built hundreds of world-class window displays, assisting in everything from inception to installation for brands large and small. Give us a call today for a window display design consult and quote.

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