Lighted Pedestals

Display Pedestal with Lights

Lighting your artwork is an essential component of a proper display. Pedestals with lights can dramatically alter the look and feel of any art display. Spotlights are great for glass sculptures, while the ambient enhances any work of art. Lighting can be added to any of our displays, no matter what material you choose.


Lighted Display Cases

An illuminated display case is the ultimate way to highlight your art or collectibles. It both showcases and protects your art. Our display case comes fully integrated with an acrylic dust cover and down-lighting installed in the overhead hood. We can customize your case with bottom lighting, including an ambient-lit base, corner lights, and spotlights for additional lighting effects. This combination of top and bottom lighting creates an attractive balance and plays well with the translucent dust cover.

When You Should Add Lighting To Your Display Case

Your art deserves to shine—no matter what time of day. Our illuminated pedestals create distinguishing displays for your invaluable art pieces and collectibles, ensuring they are properly lit no matter where they are in your house or what kind of natural light they get.

When should you add lighting to your display? If your art is in a dark corner of your home, a spotlight pedestal can really breathe life into it. If your art is in a protective display case, top lighting will ensure it doesn’t melt into the case. No matter what you are displaying, a sculpture pedestal with light has the potential to enhance your piece significantly.

How To Choose the Right Pedestal Light

There are some things to consider when looking for a display pedestal with light. First, you need to think about the shape of your piece. Where will the light hit it? What do you want to highlight? You should also consider the color temperature of the LED pedestals. Warm lights give a sunny amber glow, while cool lights illuminate your art with a bright white or blue hue. Check out our guide to art display lighting options for more tips and tricks.


Custom Pedestal Enhancement Options

There are different types of lighted pedestals to choose from. We have a variety of lit pedestals and can customize any pedestal you want to include lighting. Our ambient tops subtly illuminate art and provide mood lighting for your space. Overhead display lights are a sleek and elegant way to highlight any piece. We also make fully illuminated acrylic pedestals with color-changing LED.


If you’re thinking about adding lighting to your display case but want to see how it looks before making a purchase, check out our customer gallery and find out what people are saying about our lighted display pedestals!

Call us at 800-333-9953 to discuss modifications to standard products. You haven't truly seen your art until you've seen it on a display pedestal with lights!