Tradeshow Pedestals & Displays

Trade Show Pedestals & Displays

A trade show is an ideal venue for showing off your products to a targeted group of customers and prospects in one location. Plus, it's a great place to start networking with the movers and shakers who can help your business grow.


We understand the pivotal role that trade shows play in showcasing your products and services to your audience. That’s why our trade show displays are designed to enhance your product, no matter what it is. Need help working out the details? We’re available to help you design a cohesive trade show exhibit, from trade show display tables to stand-alone pedestals. 



The Best Pedestals for Trade Shows

Crafted from high-quality materials, our trade show pedestals strike the perfect balance between durability and beauty. Whether you prefer sleek acrylics, modern metallic laminates, or classic wood veneers, we have trade show displays for you. We offer a wide range of materials to help shape your desired aesthetic for your event display.



Elevate Your Presentation

Our trade show pedestals serve as the cornerstone of your exhibit, providing a sturdy and professional platform to showcase your products. Available in various sizes and configurations, our pedestals cater to diverse display needs, whether you're highlighting small trinkets or large-scale merchandise. From cube tables to cylinder pedestals, we build a wide range of sizes for our standard trade show displays. Standard rectangular laminate pedestals start at 11 ½” x 11 ½” footprints with a height of 12”. We can build up to 42” before custom sizing comes into play.


Typically, our standard pedestals hold up to 200 lbs. However, we rate our pedestals below their ability to hold a static load, as it's always "safety first" for us at Pedestal Source. That said, we've successfully tested up to 1800 lbs on one of our standard pedestals!


But call us if you’re displaying heavier items, and our engineering team can develop custom-built solutions for your tradeshow exhibit.


Portable Pedestals for Trade Shows

Collapsible pedestals are a godsend in the event world. Sometimes, the best trade show pedestal is the one that is quick and easy to set up and break down. Our laminate Quickset trade show pedestals offer that convenience, allowing for easy transportation and storage without compromising stability. We didn’t skimp on quality with these displays. Choose from sleek white or black laminate displays.



Custom Trade Show Displays

Stand out on the event floor with a custom-designed trade show booth. From visual branding to custom shapes, we can design an exhibit only you will have. Our displays won’t let you melt into the fray of your tradeshow. We’ll make sure you stand out.


Trade Show Exhibit Enhancements


  • Inlay a manual or motorized turntable for 360-degree views of your product.
  • Illuminate your products with custom lighting.
  • Protect valuables with trade show display cases.
  • Elegantly elevate items with custom step-ups.
  • Expand your booth with waterfall table displays.
  • Add graphics to solidify your brand.

Whether you're in need of portable displays, booth tables, or pop-up stands, we have the solutions to elevate your exhibit. Have something else in mind? Let’s chat! 




Drive Traffic to Your Trade Show Booth

We’ve worked with brands like Heineken, UGG, Giovanna Wheels, and BOSE to design custom trade show exhibits. With big brands, there’s a lot of pressure to design effective trade show displays. That’s why we’ve consulted with industry experts to understand the best ways to drive traffic to trade show booths


A good rule of thumb is to start with eye-catching displays for visual appeal. Use bold graphics, bright colors, and clear signage to make your booth stand out. The experts all agree—booth traffic doesn’t happen by accident. It requires a handpicked team, excellent lighting, and scoping out the floor before you set up shop. Learn more about how to drive traffic to your exhibit here.