5 Great Uses for a Modern Cube Table

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White laminate cube tables for retail display

Designers agree: in the world of furniture, the cube is both an eye-catching yet pleasantly familiar shape, and has the additional super power of saving space—one of the many reasons it is a favorite among Japanese designers, who often work within the confines of dense, urban environments.

White laminate cube tables in trade show booth

Our cube tables are useful in both residential and commercial spaces as functional furniture with a growing variety of uses. We’ve collected a few of our favorites to inspire you for whatever your decor project may entail.

Shape-shifting coffee tables. Rather than one large, immovable table, putting a few of these smaller cube tables together creates a dynamic space that can easily be manipulated for different activities and functions. Push them together for a board game, pull one aside for the perfect mug stand or scoot one closer to the couch as a footrest.

Coffee tables in a hotel lobby
Sculpture display on cube table in public library

Sculpture display stand. Elevate your favorite piece or vary the height of your collection to add interest and depth to any display.

 White cube table with sculpture

Plant stand. Bring the outdoors inside this winter with a cube table plant stand—try using one to create a more stunning feature with a taller plant, or as a coffee or side table stand for your succulent collection.

Hippopotamus planter on white laminate cube table

Side table. The perfect size to sit in that corner between your sofas, next to the chairs in the waiting area or beside your bed.

Side table


Lamp stand. Lighting is everything. Don’t let an inconvenient space keep you from getting the light right.

Side tables and lamp stands in office lobby

Our cube tables come in every finish and are fully-customizable. Order today to get yours in time for the holidays.


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