How to clean your pedestal

How to clean your pedestal

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How to clean your pedestal

You’ve received your Pedestal Source product in the mail, unpacked it following our handy dandy instructions and now it’s time to spiff it up! We inspect each product for scuff marks, chips, imperfect edges and more at the final detailing booth before shipment.

Clean your pedestal with a lint-free microfiber cloth

But while all of our products leave the workshop in perfect condition, there may come a time when you want to clean it. To help you keep your pedestal in mint, factory condition, we recommend following these cleaning instructions, tips and tricks.

1. Use multi-surface Pledge as a cleaning agent for acrylicwood veneermetallic and laminate surfaces. You can also use ammonia-free Windex on acrylic surfaces.  

  • Do NOT use any cleaning chemicals with ammonia, such as Windex (unless it is ammonia-free Windex)

2. We recommend using a microfiber rag to administer the chemical and another microfiber rag to follow and dry. Microfiber rags prevent the surface material from being scratched by the more abrasive fibers in most rags.

3. Spray Pledge directly to surface of product OR rag, wipe until desired clean is achieved and follow with the dry rag.

4. Avoid rubbing the edges and corners of your pedestal while cleaning. We color-match the edges and sometimes apply a small amount of wax material at the corners for a seamless finish. Cleaning the edges and corners can rub the finish away, exposing the edge of the laminate or substrate.

4. Repeat as needed.

5. Enjoy :O)

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