New CRI 95 LED Bulbs!

Posted by Seth Braverman on

New CRI 95 LED Bulbs!

Not all light is created equal. A good way to measure a bulb’s ability to illuminate an art piece is referring to the CRI — Color Rendering Index. The scale runs up to 100, meaning colors illuminated from the light source are 100% realistic and natural. To give you some points of reference, cool white fluorescent bulbs have a CRI of around 62 (top picture), while the highest quality bulbs are typically 90+ (bottom picture).

CRI 95 LED bulbs produce beautiful color results

Now you can go au naturale with a CRI LED bulb option for our Overhead Lighting product! Our LED bulbs have a CRI rating of 95, meaning your art piece (even more important than your strawberries) will be represented in all of its original artistic intent.

You can continue reading about CRI, temperature and wattage in our lighting guide. We know once you’ve tried this bulb, you’ll never go back.

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